Sewer Pipe Relining

Sewer Pipe Relining is the latest technology in making trenchless sewer pipe repairs or replacements as it is faster cheaper, and requires very little digging. This process is used to reline the interior of your old sewer line leaving a new “pipe within a pipe” and in most cases can be completed in just one day.


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This process of sewer pipe relining trenchless sewer repair, also referred to as Cured In Place Pipe or CIPP as it involves inserting a flexible felt PVC infused material that is coated with epoxy resin on the exterior and is blown into the old sewer line with air pressure unraveling so the epoxy coated side it pushed against the interior of your old sewer line. Once the new liner is in place, the next step is to insert a bladder inside the full length of the new liner and fill it with compressed air. This seals the new sewer pipe liner tightly against the interior of the old sewer pipe as the epoxy dries and hardens leaving a brand new seamless new sewer pipe in it's place. Any cracks or voids in your old sewer line are sealed tightly and smoothly by this process and your new water tight sewer line will flow smoothly and is highly resistant to future root intrusions, the most common cause of sewer line failure.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices can vary depending on factors like accessiblity and how damaged your existing sewer line is which can be predetermined by a sewer camera inspection. Sewer pipe relining may or may not be an option. If the sewer pipe is badly crushed then a method known as sewer pipe bursting may be necessary. Either way, trenchless sewer pipe relining and pipe bursting are both the latest methods used to replace sewer laterals and in almost all cases, is much more affordable than have to dig the entire pipe up and replace it.

Where Can I Find A Sewer Pipe Relining Contractor?

This website contains all the qualified sewer pipe relining contractors across the country that has been chosen for experience, value, and reputation. Just because a plumbing contractor says they can do sewer pipe relining does not mean they are qualified. Many plumbing contractors will provide you with a quote and then outsource, or subcontract out the project to another plumbing contractor that has the machinery, materials and experience. This can often lead to you paying a higher price. Our list of sewer contractors are sewer pipe relining experts that will quote and provide you with the service directly.